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Västervik Resort

Västervik, Sweden

It is well known that Sweden and Northern countries have always had a long-time romance with great outdoors, and they are the most popular landing point for the more adventure-eager glampers. An enchanting resort plunged in the middle of unrivalled landscapes, set in the delightful archipelago of Småland. Here, the view of the sea, pinewood forests and pristine nature is right on your doorstep. Västervik Resort is all year-round opened resort, with 5* amenities and providing all the coziness and privacy of your own home. It’s the perfect place where you can soothe your spirit and find inner peace. Västervik can give you the best of both worlds.

Mobile homes 2018

6 lovely two bedroom mobile homes XLine 854 B21 models adapted for disabled people. The mobile homes feature a roomy bathroom, two bedrooms and an equipped kitchen together with a cosy living room where the comfortable sofa and leisuring atmosphere create the perfect setting for a relaxed holiday mind set. Pastel colors dominate the interiors matching with the warm and wooden exterior design. All in all, while working closely together with the client, we have ensured that some elements could perfectly embody the Scandinavian taste and its ability to work with neutral colors and clean lines, making beauty out of semplicity.  Lastly, we have created a reception out of an amazing modified XLine unit. The reception is completely covered in an innovative cladding which reflects. The amazing greenary of the surroundings mirrors in it, creating an extraordinary optical effect, in which the mobile home seems magically disappearing.

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