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Glampingresort Hoge Kempen

Zutendaal, Belgium

The unique location of Glampingresort Hoge Kempen, in the middle of the Belgian Limburg natural beauty, but also close to interesting and pleasant cities such as Maastricht, Hasselt, Genk, and Tongeren, gives everyone the ultimate holiday feeling. The area is wooded and hilly, this is almost nowhere to be found. Glamping resort Hoge Kempen is an oasis of peace, nature and beauty while beautifully situated in the middle of a beautiful nature reserve. They have something for everyone: for young and old, the active holidaymaker or if you just want to find peace. For example, the glamping perfectly matches the Limburg cycling route network, located between the Kempen-Maasland and Haspengauw hubs. For hikers there is also a wide range of local hiking routes and we are even directly on the long-distance walk of Hoge Kempen National Park.

Mobile homes 2020

The XLine series represents the top of the range of standard mobile homes. It stands out with its modern and sophisticated exterior and blends in with the environment. A wooden cladding and anthracite cladding were chosen for the project. The selected floor plan 1004 C21T was introduced in the 2019 season and became an immediate hit. The layout of the space is modern, with a huge common area for socializing connected to the kitchen and dining room. A common hallway connects a large bedroom, a children's room and a large and modern bathroom and a separate toilet. We were also entrusted with the installation of spacious wooden terraces, which offer a direct connection with living and socializing. A discreet measure of privacy is ensured by the thoughtful placement of the units. The houses are suitable for all-season stay while heating is adapted to the needs and infrastructural capabilities of the resort.

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Modular reception 2020

With our own development department, we can also offer customers unique modular solutions. Representatives of the resort came to us with the question of whether we can offer them a modular solution for the new reception. Taking into account their wishes and needs, we have developed the Adria reception, which consists of three modules. The central part of the entire structure is intended for the reception itself and guest check-in, while two additional modules are intended for employees. The two modules have common areas with a kitchen, two offices, a multi-purpose room for meetings and socializing, and a separate bathroom and toilet.

The added value of such solutions is their construction with SIP panels. Structurally insulated panel (SIP) is a versatile, very stable and environmentally friendly construction system for the construction of low-energy and passive buildings. The exterior design is carefully adapted to the whole story of the resort and its location in the natural environment.

With modular construction and the use of Adria solutions, it is possible to assemble different configurations for different purposes. From receptions, kitchens, social and entertainment spaces to multi-purpose spaces such as cinema rooms or children's playrooms. 

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