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ForRest Glamping

Banská Štiavnica, Slovakia

Set in the valley overlooked by the volcanic Štiavnica Mountains and near the Počúvadlo reservoir, just two hours drive north from beautiful Budapest, there is a fairy place where time slows down like in a dream. ForRest, is a brilliant play on words: a resort nestled in the middle of forests and the undeniable truth that sojourning in this charming resort gives you nothing but total chill out and relaxation. The resort itself is a true symbiosis between luxury and back to the genuinity of a life in touch with nature. In ForRest Glamping couples, families and whoever is within themselves a peace seeker, will experience the ultimate cuddle in the embrace of Mother Nature.

Mobile tents 2019

Once again different models from our upscale and bestselling Safari tents series suited all our clients’ desires and were selected to realize this delightful resort. The project is structured such that all possible combinations are offered (in terms of space, comfort and number of beds): 5 Safari Couple in small size suitable for two people and romantic retreats, 3 Safari Comfort in medium size for up to 4 people, suitable for two couples, four friends or an ordinary family of 4 members and 3 Safari Loft in our largest floorplan, suitable for a large family of 7 or a large peer group of friends who will  All tents are furnished and showcase a fully equipped kitchen with all the best cookware and tools and an en-suite elegant bathroom. 
After the project being so sucessfull, we will place another 5 tents from our attractive safari series. 

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Počúvadlianske Jazero 2832, 969 01 Banská Štiavnica
+421 (0) 905 800 110