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Campingplatz Mühlenhof

Island Sylt, Germany

The Mühlenhof campsite is located in the green heart of the island of Sylt between the Noss dike and the green meadows in the east. It is a small and quiet camp that is open all year round. Suitable for families and couples who would like to move away from the fast-paced daily lifestyle. Sylt is a popular North Sea island. It’s called an island, although there’s a connection to the dam on the mainland. If you like outdoors, you would certainly love to visit Sylt, it’s just an outdoor paradise. Enjoy endless walks on the beaches, fall in love with lighthouses or enjoy pleasant family cycling. Sylt is different and special to experience.

Mobile homes

The Mühlenhof project in Germany involved the installation of 10 XLine mobile homes suitable for all-season living. The customer chose the 854 C21 model, which boasts an interesting floor plan, where the emphasis is on the main space for socializing. The all-season mobile home is equipped with two spacious bedrooms, a large and fully equipped bathroom and a fully equipped kitchen connected to the dining room and the lounge area. The design of the furniture is Nordic, which trendily emphasizes the minimalist northern style of living and connection with nature. The exterior design of the mobile home confirms this, as the wooden cladding easily blends in with nature. The project also included the installation of spacious wooden terraces that serve as an extended living room and perfect for exploring the stars at night.

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Melnstich 7, 25980 Sylt-Ost / Morsum
+49 4651 890444