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Camping Porton Biondi

Rovinj, Croatia

Camp "Porton Biondi Rovinj" with its attractive location near the picturesque town of Rovinj, has been attracting many tourists since its founding in 1971. The campground is located less than 1 km away from the center of Rovinj on a terraced hillside covered with pine and olive trees alongside a partially sandy beach. A walk along the beach on a pathway that connects the campsite with the city, reveals a stunning view of the old town and the sea. The city of Rovinj has always been known as a year-round destination, which is also a good starting point for many sports, cultural or even exploration activities.

Mobile homes 2020

In 2020, the project included the installation of 31 mobile homes from the MLine series. We set up two different models, with two or three bedrooms. Models 754 B22 (25 units) and 854 B22 (6 units) were selected. The MLine series for the 2020 season has a refreshed textile design, new floor plans and new exterior trim options. The MLine mobile home is well received by individual buyers or camp owners. Not only spaciousness, added value is the layout of the rooms and the connection between the terrace and the central living area and the kitchen. Due to the great success of the project, the investor decided to upgrade an additional 14 MLine units.

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Aleja Porton Biondi 1, 52210 Rovinj
+385 52 81 35 57